The Handyworker Grant Program aims to preserve existing homes by funding minor home repairs to ensure the health and safety of eligible low- and moderate-income homeowners within the unincorporated areas of the First, Fourth, and Fifth Supervisory Districts.

Empowering Low-Income Seniors and Individuals with Disabilities: The Handyworker Program

Bringing Care from Harbor to Sunland: A Legacy of Support

For decades, the Handyworker Program has been a vital lifeline for seniors and people with disabilities across the City of Los Angeles. Since its inception in the 1970s, this program has tirelessly served the community, ensuring the safety and well-being of its participants.

Generous Grants for Safer Homes

Thanks to the support of the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), the Los Angeles Housing Department has been able to make a difference in the lives of homeowners by offering grants for essential home repairs. These repairs, valued at up to $5,000, are designed to enhance safety, security, and comfort. The range of improvements is extensive, including the installation of wheelchair ramps, accessible toilets, handrails, quick-release mechanisms for window bars, ground fault circuit interrupter outlets, as well as smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Furthermore, safety and accessibility devices such as hand-held showerheads and grab bars can be installed to make daily life more manageable.

Expanded Benefits for Renters

Even renters can benefit from the Handyworker Program, with the possibility of receiving up to $300 in repairs. This offer encompasses features like hand-held showers, bath/shower seats, and grab bars, contributing to improved accessibility and convenience within rental properties.

Qualification and Reach of the Program

To qualify for the Handyworker Program, applicants must meet specific criteria, ensuring that assistance is directed to those who truly need it. Eligibility extends to:

  1. Homeowners aged 62 and above.
  2. Homeowners with a permanent mobility, hearing, or visual disability.
  3. Homeowners residing with family members who have a permanent mobility, hearing, or visual disability (limited repairs).
  4. Renters aged 62 and above, or those living with a permanent mobility disability (limited repairs).

Navigating the Process

Valid documentation is necessary for enrollment in the Handyworker Program. If you believe you meet the eligibility requirements, we encourage you to contact us at (213) 808-8803. Our dedicated staff will connect you with a local contractor who will assess your needs and carry out the necessary work in your home. For more comprehensive information, please visit our dedicated page on the Handyworker Program.

Accessible Communication

As technology evolves, we are committed to ensuring that our services remain accessible to everyone. For individuals who require TTY communication, we recommend using Telecommunication Relay Services (TRS). Various options are available, including Text-to-Voice TTY-based TRS, Speech-to-Speech Relay Service, Shared Non-English Language Relay Services, Captioned Telephone Service, IP Captioned Telephone Service, Internet Protocol Relay Service, and Video Relay Service.

The Handyworker Program continues to be a beacon of support, promoting safety, independence, and quality of life for our cherished seniors and individuals with disabilities.

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