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The Gas Support Grant Program (GSGP) provides a single financial grant to aid customers in covering their natural gas bills, and now includes a broader range of eligible recipients.

Application Process

To apply for assistance from the Gas Support Grant Program, please get in touch with the non-profit organization operating in your local area.

Expanded Eligibility

Recent adjustments to income criteria have expanded the program’s availability to a wider pool of customers, as outlined below. These funds are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis, and eligible customers can apply until the funds are exhausted.

List of Participating Agencies

Need Assistance with Your Gas Expenses?

If you’re facing challenges in paying your natural gas expenses, the Gas Support Grant Program (GSGP) might offer the opportunity to receive a one-time grant equal to the gas bill amount, capped at $400.00. In cases where the eligible applicant is 55 years or older, or there is an older adult (55+) in the household, an additional $100 can be granted, allowing for a maximum total grant of up to $500. Moreover, individuals experiencing specific financial hardships could qualify for supplementary grant funding. Make an appointment with a local agency to determine the potential support available for your household.

The Gas Support Grant Program is a collaborative initiative between SoCalGas® and United Way of Greater Los Angeles. United Way collaborates with non-profit organizations across our service region to manage this program.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for the Gas Support Grant Program, you must fulfill the following conditions:

The natural gas bill must be in the name of the applicant seeking assistance. The billing address must correspond to the applicant’s primary residence. Applicants should not apply for more than the maximum allowance provided by GSGP for the current program year. Applicants must adhere to the income thresholds outlined below: Maximum Household Income Number of Household Members Total Annual Household Income* must not exceed 1 $40,770 2 $54,930 3 $69,090 4 $83,250 5 $97,410 6 $111,570 7 $125,730 8 $139,890

For each additional individual in the household, add $14,160 *Includes current household income from all sources before deductions.

These income guidelines are applicable from July 1, 2022, to May 31, 2023.

High Program Interest Leading to Increased Call Volumes

SoCalGas cannot accept or process GSGP applications. The non-profit agencies are independent of SoCalGas and have their specific days and hours for accepting applications and addressing inquiries. Please consult the Agency List for more details.


For further information about this program, please call:

English 1-877-238-0092

Español 1-800-342-4545

國語 1-800-427-1429

粵語 1-800-427-1420

한국어 1-800-427-0471

Tiếng Việt 1-800-427-0478

For other languages 1-888-427-1345

Hearing-impaired (TDD) 1-800-252-0259

Contribute to Warming Hearts through Donations

Support your fellow community members in staying warm during this season by making a donation.

The Gas Support Grant Program is funded through donations, including contributions from customers, shareholders, and employees of SoCalGas, and it is administered by the United Way of Greater Los Angeles.

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