In California, a common household can fulfill a significant portion of its electricity requirements using a 5kW solar system. The price, approximately $17,356, varies based on factors like available rebates. Shifting to solar power not only presents the possibility of considerable long-term savings but also contributes to a more environmentally friendly and sustainable energy future.

Typical upfront expenses for a 5 kW system (The initial amount spent on purchasing and installing solar panels):

  • California: $17,356
  • US Average: $18,388

Average time to recoup the investment (Payback Period) in years:

  • California: 9 years
  • Average: 10 years

Average cumulative savings over 20 years, subtracting the initial expenses (Net 20-year savings):

  • California: $20,548
  • US Average: $17,147

Solar Potential in California

Anticipated system size and solar power generation per median workable roof in California.

Roof dimensions: 930 square feet Capacity: 13 kW DC Electricity production: 19.2 kWh AC per year

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