EV Chargers: Enhancing Solar Projects with Clean Energy Mobility


HSS (Solar Partner) has introduced an exciting addition to its offerings: Electric Vehicle (EV) Chargers. Now included as part of the HSS (Solar Partner) Installation Agreement, this integration allows homeowners to benefit from EV outlets and chargers alongside their solar installations, increasing the value proposition of clean energy solutions.

Empowering Clean Mobility

Powur’s EV Charger offering serves as a pivotal value-add for customers who own electric vehicles or are contemplating future EV ownership. This convenient opportunity presents the ideal moment to design and install an EV charger, contributing to the advancement of clean energy mobility while aligning with Powur’s mission.

Powur’s EV Charger Offerings

Level 2 EV Chargers and EV Outlets: HSS (Solar Partner) provides Level 2 EV Chargers and EV Outlets, expanding the array of options for homeowners transitioning to sustainable energy solutions. As electric vehicle owners predominantly charge their cars at home, Powur’s partnership with Sellers ensures direct access to clean, affordable energy sourced directly from their solar installations.

Market-specific EV Charger Offerings

To cater to diverse market needs, HSS (Solar Partner) offers an array of EV chargers, each tailored to the inverter selection for the solar project. As Powur continues to evolve, the lineup of EV chargers will grow, offering customers an even wider range of choices for their clean energy mobility needs.

EV Charger Selections

Enphase Inverter-Compatible EV Chargers: The Enphase-acquired Clipper Creek EV Charger now falls under the Enphase brand. While the rebranding process is underway, details about this offering for Enphase solar customers can be found on the Enphase Partner Page.

Non-Enphase Inverter-Compatible EV Chargers: For solar projects involving SolarEdge and other inverters on the Powur platform, customers can choose from various options, including the Wallbox Pulsar Plus. This provides flexibility to cater to different preferences and requirements.

SPAN Drive EV Charger

Exclusively compatible with SPAN panels, the SPAN Drive EV charger delivers high-speed charging and efficient energy management. Offering benefits such as dynamic charging and charge scheduling, the SPAN Drive enhances the electric vehicle charging experience while avoiding the need for extensive electrical service upgrades.

Seamless Integration

Adding the SPAN Panel to Proposals: The SPAN Panel, designed for optimal performance, can be included in solar proposals via the Equipment Selection section of the proposal tool, streamlining the process for customers.

Installation Insights

Powur’s EV Charger installation options empower customers to seamlessly integrate EV charging into their solar projects. Two options are available: installing a 40-Amp EV Outlet or a complete Level 2 Charger installation. Each choice offers distinct advantages, catering to the customer’s readiness and needs.

Technical Considerations

Adequate electrical circuitry is essential for safe installation. The EV Outlet installation involves a dedicated 40A circuit, ensuring the charger’s continuous load requirements are met. In cases where the home’s electrical panel lacks space, a Main Panel Upgrade may be necessary.

Cost Breakdown

The cost of installing a 40A EV Outlet alone is $1,200. Opting for the complete Level 2 EV Charger installation, including the 40A EV Outlet, adds an $800 surcharge for a total of $2,000. These prices encompass Powur’s $200 minimum margin for EV Charger installation.

Level 2 EV Chargers: A Performance Boost

Level 2 EV Chargers elevate the charging experience by providing faster, more convenient charging options. With a 208/240V AC setup, these chargers significantly reduce charging times compared to standard outlets, catering to the increased electricity demand of electric vehicle ownership.

Maximizing Solar and EV Synergy

When discussing solar options with prospective EV-owning customers, emphasize the synergy between solar energy production and EV charging. Highlight that EV charging needs won’t affect the solar system’s size but can be integrated to maximize savings and provide a comprehensive energy solution.

Feedback and Contribution

Your input matters. If you have comments, suggestions, or concerns about content accuracy or future updates, please share your thoughts. Your contributions help refine and enhance Powur’s offerings and knowledge base, further empowering clean energy adoption.

Attachment: Spec Sheets

For detailed specifications, please refer to the attached spec sheets:

  • HCS-40+Spec.+Sheet.pdf (700 KB)
  • Pulsar+Plus+Technical+Data+Sheet.pdf (100 KB)
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