Welcome to a world of nurturing, empathy, and resilience

"To honor her memory, I will contribute $1000.00 from each solar sale towards a meaningful cause."

In Loving Memory of Zoey Madness

July 14, 2014 – September 19th, 2023

10/17/2014 - 09/19/2023

"Every contribution comes directly from my commission."

I firmly believe in our social responsibility to create a compassionate impact. With Home Solar Simplified, your participation can make a real difference:

Education and Nourishment: Help us support our school system. by contributing to education and school food programs. Your generosity ensures a brighter future for these young minds.

"Support Our Furry Friends: Your contributions make a difference by funding vital medical care such as vaccinations, spaying/neutering, and treatments for injured or ill animals. Your kindness ensures they lead healthier, happier lives."

A $1000.00 donation can aid in combating homelessness with compassion and improving city cleanliness. It can be used to provide shelter, necessities, and support services for the homeless, as well as contribute to community clean-up initiatives, enhancing the overall well-being of our cities and those in need.

At Home Solar Simplified, it's more than just clean energy—it's a powerful force for positive change. Join us in creating a brighter, more compassionate world, one solar panel at a time.