Embarking on the journey of installing a solar power system, or any electrical setup, can occasionally bring about challenges. The scope of battery usage might be confined to just a few “critical loads,” the inverter’s app might offer limited insights into your home’s power consumption, and your anticipated savings might fall short. But here’s a simple remedy: consider integrating a Span Smart Home electrical panel.

This innovative electrical panel, complemented by a mobile app, offers a deeper understanding of your home’s power consumption. Unveil the energy-hungry rooms and appliances, giving you the power to make informed decisions.

The app’s functionality extends to empowering you to prioritize circuits that remain active in the event of a power outage, should you switch to battery power. The benefits of the Span system are numerous and noteworthy.

Exploring the Benefits of a Span Electrical Panel

Opting for a Span electrical panel proves wise if you seek greater command over your electricity consumption. Gain insights into energy-intensive circuits, identify areas to reduce bills, and personalize circuit priorities.

Pairing a home battery with the Span Smart Home electrical panel elevates your readiness against weather-related outages. Revel in backup energy while deciding which circuits to keep alive as the battery depletes. Bid farewell to worries about a fridge full of groceries losing power or the internet going out due to circuit mismatches.

With the Span electrical panel, your control extends over every circuit in your abode. Categorize circuits as essential, desirable, or non-essential, aligning your electrical system with your priorities.

Navigating the Span Electrical Panel Installation Process

Span electrical panels are adaptable, fitting seamlessly indoors or outdoors, suiting your needs. A licensed electrician will undertake the installation.

Typically, the process initiates with photographing your current electrical setup and discussing installation with a representative, often through video chat. A site visit might follow to assess the installation feasibility. The duration of installation varies based on your home’s size and electrical system complexity.

Once installed, accessing insights about each circuit, including the current power draw, becomes effortless. If your home generates power (e.g., solar panels), the app reveals the utilization of excess energy, such as feeding it back to the grid.

Span’s app is a highlight, granting you substantial control over electricity. On-demand power allocation to your bedroom, fridge, or home office from your smartphone is just a tap away.

Understanding the Cost of a Span Electrical Panel

The cost of installing a Span electrical panel typically aligns with traditional panel replacement, averaging around $3,200 for the panel and glass door front, with an additional $3,500 encompassing labor, breakers, and wiring. Costs vary by location and chosen electrician.

Post-installation, potential savings could offset these costs. Span’s insights help identify energy drains, prompting adjustments to lower bills. You might uncover energy drains in seldom-used devices or excessive outdoor lighting.

For a quote on installing a Span panel, reach out to Home Solar Simplified. Our experts can guide you on whether a Span smart electrical panel suits your household needs.

Freddie Avila

Solar Consultant

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