Jerry, a veteran, visited The House—A Church Family Food Pantry for the first time recently. He is among the many people experiencing homelessness within the vicinity of the church. The pantry has been serving the community every Saturday of the month for more than 10 years.

We appreciate any opportunity to lessen the burden of homelessness. We are grateful for the donors and supporters of Valley Food Bank, who have partnered with us in reaching out to people like Jerry with the Gospel of Jesus through providing some basic resources.

Not all who come to the Food Pantry are homeless with shopping carts like Jerry. Some come in beautiful cars and modest clothes. We cannot distinguish who is really in need of the food or just availing the opportunity offered by a non-profit and churches. But one thing is for sure, those who come to an event like this want to be served and that’s all we do at our church. We serve people who need some help whenever they come to us.

We were able to serve more than 100 families in this last month’s food distribution. We are grateful for this ministry that can only be possible through the team effort of donors and the volunteers from our church who serve with joy. Jesus said that the poor will always be with us and whenever we want, we can do good to them. But we must have Jesus first in us.

Pastor Paul Kim, Senior Pastor of The House – A Church Family