In Loving Memory of Zoey Madness

"To honor her memory, I will contribute $1000.00 from each solar sale towards a meaningful cause."

10/17/2014 - 09/19/2023

"Join us in honoring her memory."

This opportunity is open to all who wish to participate. You decide how to utilize your earnings. All funds are directly from my commission.”

"Non-profits: You are encouraged to join. Every dollar will help. "

“The Ripple Effect of Every Dollar Received can make a huge impact.”

Real Estate Agents:
"Provide solar options to your current clientele."

“The choice of how to use the commission is yours.”

Influencers: Do you support a cause? Join us in donating, it won't cost you a thing."

“Which mission or endeavor is your top priority?”

"Empowering Public Education One $1000.00 Contribution at a Time"

“A contribution can certainly make a difference in supporting our public education funding.”

Exploring new career paths or contemplating a switch in solar companies?

“Embrace change: Solar career shift.”

"Empowering Change: Join Us to Make a Difference, Boost Your Income, or Fund a Great Cause!"

“Influencers, real estate agents, and non-profit organizations are welcome to join. Contribute to your preferred cause or supplement your income during a sluggish market.”

Become a Solar Consultant

"Spend just five minutes now and watch the video – it could save you thousands!"

The areas we presently cover

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Harness your power

We reinvented the electrical panel for smarter homes. SPAN tracks every last electron for maximum efficiency, total visibility, and real savings.

“A long-overdue, borderline genius product that puts much-needed control back into the hands of homeowners.”

“I’ve discovered more about the energy consumption of my home since SPAN Panel was installed than I did in 20+ years.”

“Extends the functionality of the electric panel with some extra smarts targeted at one of the most power-hungry devices in a modern home: the electric vehicle.”


If you decide to move, we have options to make the transition smooth. Boost your home’s value with solar panels and pass on the benefits to the buyer. They can inherit the system’s benefits by adding its cost to escrow or taking over payments.

No worries. If you need a new roof, our solar panels can be easily removed and stored. The cost for this is minimal, and your solar savings should cover it. 

We prioritize reliability. Contact us at 866-00-00000 or for any problems. Our 30-year warranty covers components and labor. 

Budget matters. Explore our zero-down financing, alternatives to leases, and power agreements. Our goal is affordable solar without financial strain. 

Maintenance is easy. Rain cleans most dirt, while gentle cleaners or warm water can handle tougher residues. 

Trust our record: A+ BBB rating, positive Yelp reviews, Inc. 5000 rankings. Our 30-year warranty, backed by reputable institutions, is transferable. 

Our estimates cover cloudy days, based on 30+ years of weather data. Panels work under cloud cover and light snow. 

In outages, the solar system is inactive. For backup, consider battery storage to achieve grid independence. 

We oversee the entire process as a licensed General Contractor. Certified installers ensure top-quality work. 

Visit to learn about us and see our work examples while respecting privacy. 

"Amidst the wave of solar companies declaring bankruptcy, rest assured, we're here for the long haul, committed to serving you for decades to come."

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Unleash the power of solar today with Home Solar Simplified – where savings and sunshine meet!

California’s Plan to Adjust Electricity Charges Based on Income

Californians pay an average of $285 monthly and $3,420 yearly for electricity, exceeding the national average by 31%. With an average rate of 31 cents per kWh, residents use around 915 kWh monthly or 10,980 kWh yearly.

Introducing American Plumb Method: Your Solar Solution Partner

At American Plumb Method, led by founders Phil and Mike, experienced plumbers embody integrity, excellence, and strong plumbing principles. Their local commitment ensures top-notch service to their community.

With a cumulative 30 years of industry experience, we have had the privilege of learning from knowledgeable mentors who have imparted their expertise. Our unwavering commitment is to offer our clients a dependable and esteemed plumbing and rooter service.

Your go-to residential plumbing partner for energy-efficient solutions, including tankless water heaters, solar pool heaters, and high-efficiency toilet replacements. We’ve got your plumbing needs covered!

American Plumb Method: Your Satisfaction, Our Priority

At American Plumb Method, your satisfaction is our top priority. Our highly skilled plumbers bring extensive plumbing expertise to provide transparent pricing, exceptional service, and a wide range of solutions, including eco-friendly options. We also offer special discounts for seniors and military personnel, ensuring comprehensive coverage for Los Angeles residents.

3 Ways to Save with Heat Pumps

Don't miss out on these heat pump savings opportunities:

Enjoy a $200 coupon for tankless water heater installation.

Get a thorough *Home Plumbing Inspection for only $127 – ensuring peace of mind for your plumbing needs. Ready to make the most of energy efficiency and savings? American Plumb Method has your back.

*Home Plumbing Inspections include sizing, locating plumbing pipes, measuring areas for installation, and checking water pressure. This is for the water heater install (heat pump or tankless)