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California’s Plan to Adjust Electricity Charges Based on Income

California aims to enhance electricity affordability for low-income individuals by potentially altering electricity charges, pending approval by the California Public Utilities Commission. The state’s major utilities, namely Pacific Gas & Electric, San Diego Gas & Electric, and Southern California Edison, have proposed implementing a varying fixed charge linked to customers’ income. Concurrently, the cost per kilowatt-hour of electricity, known as the usage fee, would decrease for all consumers.

Electricity Costs in California and Solar Savings

The average monthly electricity expenditure for Californians stands at approximately $285, accumulating to an annual total of $3,420. This surpasses the national average of $2,617 by 31%. California’s average electric rates are 31 cents per kilowatt-hour, implying the average resident uses 915 kWh per month or 10,980 kWh annually.

Solar panel systems present an avenue to reduce electricity bills significantly over time. While a $50 or $100 monthly bill might appear inconsequential, the cumulative effect over decades is substantial. For instance, a $100 monthly bill could lead to over $87,000 in expenses over thirty years.

Potential Savings with Solar Panels

Estimated Electric Bill10 Years20 Years30 Years


Plumb Plumber: Our Solar Partner for Homeowners


Our solar partner, Plumb Plumber, offers various energy-efficient solutions to homeowners, including tankless water heaters, solar swimming pool heaters, and high-efficiency toilet replacements.

Phil and Mike, the proprietors behind American Plumb Method plumbing and rooter service, found their motivation in establishing a modest plumbing enterprise committed to providing their local area with sincerity, excellence, and sound plumbing principles.

Experienced California Plumbing Contractors: A Difference Maker

Seasoned plumbing contractor in California, such as those at Plumb Plumber, play a pivotal role in helping homeowners navigate the array of plumbing rebate and financing programs. They assess a home’s water efficiency and suggest projects that offer maximum energy and monetary savings. By guiding homeowners through the rebate application process and completing the necessary work, these experts simplify the path to energy-efficient upgrades.

At American Plumb Method, we prioritize your satisfaction. Our experienced plumbers guarantee top-notch service and transparent pricing. With over 30 years of combined expertise, we handle all plumbing needs adeptly, offering preventive maintenance and eco-friendly solutions. We also extend discounts to seniors and military personnel. From plumbing to sewer maintenance, we’ve got Los Angeles covered.