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“Integrity Illuminated: Honoring Homeowners and Empowering Solar Solutions”

"Mastering Solar Energy Purchases: Critical Tips for Homeowners to Avoid Common Traps"

Freddie Avila

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We listen

We are paying attention to the best option for your home.

We educate

We support you in making an informed decision.

We listen

We communicate throughout your installation.

Hire with Confidence

Since the start of my career, my unwavering commitment to ethics and strong principles has been a guiding force. When you choose to work with me, I will diligently review your installation contract and ensure complete transparency about your selected installers.

Choosing Home Solar, Simplified for a wise and confident investment in solar energy. We understand the importance of long-term commitment and help you make informed decisions beyond the cheapest options. With our prioritization of your best interests, you can trust us to ensure a sound and successful solar installation.

I am thrilled to collaborate with three thoroughly vetted solar companies in the San Fernando Valley. With their impeccable online ratings and strong local presence, they have unequivocally cemented their positions as industry leaders. What truly distinguishes them is their unparalleled and innovative approach, which has been instrumental in their sustained success and significant impact on the market.

From design to permitting, site survey, and installation, we'll take care of it all.

All installers are easy to work with. We’re all here for a long-term commitment to offer a more personalized experience in a niche industry.

have been known to deceive consumers into leasing panels by making misleading claims about their initial savings and the increasing electricity costs.

with a dedicated team of installers with years of experience.  We will offer a comprehensive package that includes high-quality products, professional installation, ongoing maintenance, and significant energy savings over the long term.

I’ll oversee the entire process from start to finish. I will provide ongoing support, references and will be available to address any issues that may arise. Unless I’m double booked.

a sale or new order, the selected three solar companies I work with will never try to oversell you more than what is needed or expensive equipment that’s unnecessary.

Why Choose us?

Get ready to experience an exceptional return on investment (ROI) and a hassle-free installation process with us! We prioritize enrolling our customers in the country's most beneficial government solar programs. With our wide range of top-tier solar panels and energy storage systems, including personalized assistance from me,

– as your dedicated Solar Consultant, Freddie Avila, I am here to provide personalized support every step of the way.

Prepare to transform your home's energy efficiency like never before as we go the extra mile to secure the optimal financing options for your solar panel installation.

home solar, simplified app

Over the months, I've designed this app with accessibility in mind, ensuring it caters to my clients' needs. It offers a wealth of educational articles, podcasts, and resources from local, state, and non-profit organizations.

We offer


“Human Touch in Business:The Power of Personal Connection Over AI Technology.”

Why settle for a solitary automated quote that fails to address your needs? Instead, wouldn't it be more advantageous to obtain a customized quote that takes into consideration your individual requirements?

financial solar


We provide optimal financial
solutions tailored to your needs.


Home Solar Simplified created a social responsibility program that brings the community together to help accomplish the social good and culture to develop over the long term. This sustainable social and environmental impact positively influences change around our neighborhoods and improves people's lives.

We believe in giving back to the underprivileged, and it takes each of us to make a difference for all of us.

We sometimes do not realize our impact on others by doing these small acts. Don’t let actions be stopped because you think you can only do a little – a little to you may be huge to others.

A portion of my income will be used to help others.

Freddie Avila


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