Unleash the potential of solar energy with our brand-new incentive! Embrace the power of the sun like never before. By securing your solar contract before September 4th, you could enjoy an incredible 12 to 18 months of payment-free bliss! Here’s a glimpse of how this remarkable offer works:
  • The Solar and Sunshine incentive is designed for all customers who finalize their solar contract prior to September 4th.
  • The magnitude of the discounts will be tailored to the chosen financing option during the execution of the purchase agreement.
  • Upon the successful installation and inspection of the panels, customers will receive their well-deserved incentive.
For more details, reach out to Freddie Avila at 310.940.8886 or drop an email at freddie@hssimplified.com. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to bask in solar radiance and visit us at https://homesolarsimplified.com.